About: Uke Too

About: Uke2
We are a gang of friends who unexpectedly found some fun in the Ukulele. It’s taken over our lives. Watch for it… the summer ukulele flash mob….somewhere, sometime this summer.

We love to play.
We get to play…every day if we like.
We love to connect this happiness fix with other people and coach a ‘kick start’ class in Calgary and Millarville.
We organize jam sessions, pub sessions.
We’ll help you get started…with a beautiful Hawaiian instrument.

• Louise organizes the website, makes us practice cd’s, connects with everyone, runs a CALL jam with Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners, where you can take ‘The Happiness Fix: an introduction to the ukulele”.

• Dave remembers all the good old songs as he drives his school bus route, writes up the songs on our onsong apps for our regular jam sessions, and gets us going on mini challenges like the blues progression, jazz chords, barre chords.

• Carol is the researcher. She found the Hawaiian ukulele chord book by Roy Sakuma and made sure it was waiting for us, a direct import from Hawaii when we all met at ‘Tunes in the Dunes’ in Oregon.

• Anna is the coach. She will teach you a four chord progession within 10 ten minutes. She organizes workshops and concerts. She’s gonna build her own ukulele this summer, with a lot of help from luthier, Jake Peters.  Check out her blog at happiness fix