Get started…

… with Ukulele Underground (Hawaiian how-to)


The Magic Ukulele By Dr. Carolan and Auntie Kealoha

Ho’ahu ‘Ana O Na Mele: A collections of Songs, Stories and Pictures compiled by Noelani Kanoho Mahoe (with audio cd)

Island Joy – Hawaiian Ukulele Music: Na Mele O Hawai’i by C. Joy and Dean Lunn (with audio cd)

Maka the Magic Music Maker: a Tale from Hawaii by Shannon Scott, illustrated by Holly Braffet (children’s book with audio cde)

Treasury of Ukulele Chords Roy Sakuma (if you’re going to get one chord book for tenors – get this one) email: info@roysakuma.net

Ukulele: a History by John King (ukulele and Hawaiian history – fascinating)