Inspire Yourself!

  • Inspire yourselfThe Mighty Uke – a great documentary
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    1 – The Heart of the Matter: Nobody has a ‘bad’ voice.
    • Don’t be afraid
    • Nobody has a bad voice – just a voice with character
    • It’s all about how much you love the song.
    • Find a song… listen to it a lot … then sing along… until you know the words by heart. Walking and singing is a good way to memorize songs.

    2 – Before the Basics: sing a lot, in the shower, in the car, turn up the volume!
    • Get used to singing with chords
    • Use full breath when singing
    • Look up song lyrics and chords on Ultimate Guitar or find a song in a book to copy and share… preferably something easy.

    3 – Get Started: how to play in a jam
    • Know the song: introduce key, chords, speed
    • Count everyone in – and tell them how before you do it.
    • How to finish – signal a stop, three chord flourish
    • Pick a song, and learn to introduce it… key, chords, start/finish.

    4 – Digging Yourself Deeper: use multiple methodologies and coaches
    • By ear
    • Tablature
    • Note Reading
    • Share your favourite youtube discoveries.

    5 – Ambitious Beginners: get off the page
    • Learn the song / chords by heart – at least the chorus
    • Play along with youtube: onsong, itunes, slowdowner

    6 – Past the Point of No Return: take a break
    • How to take a break
    • Prepare the melody and play a break after the chorus.

    7 – Survival
    • Go looking for songs to share.
    • In a Jam go prepared with one good song that everyone will know

    .. and more: go looking for songs and sounds you love

  • Ukulele MeditationArpeggio Meditation by Daniel Ward
  • Arpeggio Meditation by Daniel Ward, a Los Angeles-based ukulele player & teacher. Harry, a friend of ours, shared it with us, as he’d heard about this in Ukulele magazine. He’s been playing it daily for a couple of weeks now, and Harry says that his finger dexterity is really improving.

  • Ukulele Magazine – is having a summer subscription sale right now, for anyone interested. They publish 4 issues a year, and a digital download is included in the subscription. There’s also a lot of information on their website